Sunday, January 25, 2015


Sorry about missing last week's post. I've been totally tied up with the KickStarter campaign for a book of my artwork. I was hoping some of you might want to pledge a modest amount to get a copy of said book. One of you has. Anyone else interested? More information on the book by clicking here.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"If and Reverse" Play

I'm feeling sad that our Friend-in-Kelly from Germany, "Hun", has excused himself from being a regular visitor here. Known initially as "Transatlantic Hun", he has loyally aided and abetted our efforts here at Whirled of Kelly, and has been a one-man cheering squad for Kelly and my dedication to Kelly.

I know there are other loyal Friends out there, but many times it's so quiet on comments that I sometimes feel like I'm posting every week just for myself and Hun. I hope I don't lose interest in this blog because of the quietude due to Hun's absence.

Thanks Hun! Long Live Kelly! 

February 7, 1971

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snug Up Here in My Place

Ulp! My apologies for being late posting. At least it's still Sunday here. I've been so busy trying to run a KickStarter campaign for a book of my art that I'm very much wanting to publish. It's a lot of work keeping that machinery running.

Anyway, here's today's Sunday strip. The panel of Albert laying Grundoon into the bed makes me think of how much I love the word 'snug' and 'snuggle'. Aren't those comforting words? Isn't that what we all want by the end of the day is to be snug and snuggle, with or without someone else?

And now a word from our sponsor. Yes, I've been doing this blog and others for years without pesky advertising, but this is important. Important for me and maybe you'll like it to. I want to encourage you and your friends to make a pledge in my KickStarter campaign. It's running from now until February 15 and is to raise funds to pay for printing and shipping of a book collection of my best art of the last couple of years. The art looks nothing like Walt Kelly would have done, yet Kelly was a major influence in my early art training, launching me on my long career in illustration.

You can pledge as little as $1 USD, but for $35 (+ shipping) you can have the actual (softcover) book in your hands. There are other options for hardcover copies and even original art. The campaign is off to a good start, but printing is expensive and we have a long road ahead to raise our full amount. Please consider pledging and/or promoting.

Here's the link:

That's it, that's my ad. 

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! Wishing you lots of snuggling this year...

January 24, 1971