Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snug Up Here in My Place

Ulp! My apologies for being late posting. At least it's still Sunday here. I've been so busy trying to run a KickStarter campaign for a book of my art that I'm very much wanting to publish. It's a lot of work keeping that machinery running.

Anyway, here's today's Sunday strip. The panel of Albert laying Grundoon into the bed makes me think of how much I love the word 'snug' and 'snuggle'. Aren't those comforting words? Isn't that what we all want by the end of the day is to be snug and snuggle, with or without someone else?

And now a word from our sponsor. Yes, I've been doing this blog and others for years without pesky advertising, but this is important. Important for me and maybe you'll like it to. I want to encourage you and your friends to make a pledge in my KickStarter campaign. It's running from now until February 15 and is to raise funds to pay for printing and shipping of a book collection of my best art of the last couple of years. The art looks nothing like Walt Kelly would have done, yet Kelly was a major influence in my early art training, launching me on my long career in illustration.

You can pledge as little as $1 USD, but for $35 (+ shipping) you can have the actual (softcover) book in your hands. There are other options for hardcover copies and even original art. The campaign is off to a good start, but printing is expensive and we have a long road ahead to raise our full amount. Please consider pledging and/or promoting.

Here's the link:

That's it, that's my ad. 

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! Wishing you lots of snuggling this year...

January 24, 1971


  1. Thom,

    as you will have noticed, during the last months (even years) I have been one of the most faithful followers of this blog of yours.
    At least I did show my gratitude with regularity which is more than the rest of friends of Kelly can claim for themselves.
    Unfortunately I have developed a feeling of lassitude and desinterest in most of the topics that were near to my heart earlier in this life. 'Pogo' seems to be among the victims.
    The change to 2015 to me seems to be an appropriate opportunity (is there an expression for the opposite to 'good intention'?) to tell you that in the future I will be checking into 'Whirled of Kelly' only at random when my wandering fancy may take me back here again.
    THB, once again a heartfelt 'Thanks' for all you have done here in the past (and for all you may be doing in the future).
    Kelly surely is smiling down on you! LLK!


    1. Hun, I'm sorry to hear this, and yet I completely understand. First, indeed, you have been topmost in regularity of support and commentary. Secondly, I have many subjects that slip and slide in and out of my interests. Even dear Pogo and Kelly have had my attention stray for long periods of time. Thirdly, at our respective ages, we must pay heed to inner voices telling us which paths to wander.

      Hun, I sincerely hope that your path will lead you to pleasant surprises and new horizons.

      Until we meet again, thank you, not just for being a Friend-in-Kelly, but for being a friend!


  2. Love this strip here, Tom. Love seeing Grundoon
    always getting into sticky situations without even realizing it, mostly because he's zonked out most of the time. This one's the best I've seen with him so far.xD

  3. I was raised on Pogo in the 70s and 80s, with original paperbacks from my Dad's youth. My children picked them up, and my wife is reading them now. My oldest son is married, and his wife is reading them. And they are expecting. So ... this ain't over yet.