Sunday, January 11, 2015

"If and Reverse" Play

I'm feeling sad that our Friend-in-Kelly from Germany, "Hun", has excused himself from being a regular visitor here. Known initially as "Transatlantic Hun", he has loyally aided and abetted our efforts here at Whirled of Kelly, and has been a one-man cheering squad for Kelly and my dedication to Kelly.

I know there are other loyal Friends out there, but many times it's so quiet on comments that I sometimes feel like I'm posting every week just for myself and Hun. I hope I don't lose interest in this blog because of the quietude due to Hun's absence.

Thanks Hun! Long Live Kelly! 

February 7, 1971


  1. Ah, c'mon, Thom! We follow you very faithfully, dedicatedly, and with awe for your work on these scans and historical data!
    I so wish that the publishers re-issuing walt Kelly's work would employ you as art director, supervisor and essayist.
    I can't believe they're not ringing at your door like a bunch of possessed loons.
    Anyway that's wonderful what you're doing. We all appreciate deeply.
    But you should know: That's an old rule in journalism. Satisfied, and even rapturous, readers don't write to the editor. I think this is truly too bad. But I'm the same, too, in this point...
    But well, a thousand thanks to you. Like always.
    And Bravissimo!

    1. Yves, I'm not even sure any of the OH-fish-al Kelly workers even know that I, or these blogs, exist. Kim Thompson at Fantagraphics talked with me a bit and then he passed away, leaving a huge gap between me and them.

      I do wish I could do an essay for one of their volumes.

  2. We're still here!

    I appreciate what you do..


  3. "But we're outside!"

    This is why strategic thinking matters.

  4. I know you guys are out there, I just wanted to hear your voices. I know there's more of you tromping the swamp. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

  5. Though I don't usually say much, I do follow this place week after week, love what I see!

  6. Tromp through here regularly, love your posts, and would miss them if they stopped. Keep up the good work!

  7. All my spare time is committed to my own comic strip, but I still check in every weekend to admire the master's final pieces.

  8. Please keep it up! I love reading these comics!

  9. Thom,

    I'm still around too! I'm trying to balance the challenges of law school with depression issues which have been particularly debilitating lately. Your blog is a bright spot whenever I check in, and I am truly sorry that I don't vocalize more often. I shall try to remedy that.

    I'm also very sorry to hear that Hun has departed for other pastures. I'll certainly miss his contributions; he was such a strong linchpin of this little community. I hope he finds fulfillment in whatever pursuits


    1. To Craig:

      Hang on tight, Craig. True, there is enough reasons to get depressed, sad and angry in this world. But life comes only one time around and these universe is definitely full of stunning wonders. Don't let the bad stuff get the best of you.

  10. Hi there. I just found this blog today - about 1 hour ago probably. Looks like an outstanding blog and I'll definitely return. I hope that you continue it.

    Oh, also, I just discovered Pogo too recently. We Gen-Xers came too late to get into Pogo way back when, but thanks to scans can discover great stuff like this now. :o) So thanks for all your work!