Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa's First Helper

Kelly's Christmas comix are still beautiful after all these years. As a little kid I read em, reread them and rereread them over and over and over. It was one of those cases of reading between the panels, where I imagined all the stuff that wasn't drawn and told about. Kelly had a way of creating those kinds of worlds, and I sure had fun romping around those worlds.

Most all of his comic book stories have been posted somewhere on the net. But this is my collection and these are my scans and this is my 'blog, so I'll be posting irregardless of what's been posted elsewhere. I like to see decent scans, with decent colors, and here and there I like to blow up panels to see the artwork proper, and I even like to see the dot patterns. Wow, I'm having fun with this stuff, I hope some of you are too.

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