Monday, June 14, 2010

Peter Wheat Has Captured Dragonel

With heartfelt thanks again to OtherEric of the Digital Comic Museum for the scans and support, we proudly present the continuing (#3) Adventures of Peter Wheat.

As you read these tales, put yourself into the frame of mind of a bright, curious and adventurous child—one that has not been contaminated by the mind-numbing assault on the senses that many children face from today's media. Allow yourself to daydream between the panels, to imagine a world where fantasy is reality. Remember that this might be a child's first exposure to the intrigues of conflict, with its concepts of honor and bravery, justice and treachery.

We hope to bring you even more of this fascinating realm of the Whirled of Kelly. In order to do so we need to hear from you. Please leave a comment letting us know if you are enjoying The Adventures of Peter Wheat.


  1. I just finished reading Peter Wheat--another great story. tomorrow marks 64 years of marriage to my wife whom I met in junior college.
    in 1972 I fullfilled one of my dreams as a boy. I went to Venezula and with the guide, his 2 young daughters about 6 & 8 years old, & 3 indians to work the dugout canoe visited Angel Falls-- we had a powerful outboard motor but the boat had to be pulled over rapids & rocks. a 3 day journey. less than 100 had been there before I made the trip. Angel Falls is tallest & was hardest to reach. return trip took only one day. just a bit more of my life--charlie

  2. charle--Congratulations on 64 years! My wife and I are coming up on 23 years, only a third-ish of your accomplishment, but we'll keep trying to reach your milestone.

    Your life sounds very interesting. I really would like to know more.

    Thanks for being a friend of this 'blog.

  3. Thom— On what sort of paper were these published?

    Anyway, I'd like to see the remainder of these, if only to learn whether Dragonel reformed. (There's obviously no hope for her father.)

  4. Daniel—That's jes' plain ol' comic book newsprint.

    And yay! Thanks for a comment about Peter Wheat!

    I do think Dragonel is actually a pretty interesting character. And y'know, Peter Wheat is no namby-pamby himself.

  5. As Thom says, these were on standard newsprint. The Peter Wheat News mini-issues of Adventures were on a heavier stock.

    I'll keep offering the issues to Thom as I find them as long as he wants to keep posting them. But, as I've mentioned several times, they're quite scarce.

  6. Thank you Eric, believe me I very much want to keep posting them. At this point, I'm hoping to keep them in consecutive order, though it might take a bit to track down #4.

    I wish we'd hear from more of you with comments about Peter Wheat. What do you think of Kelly's adventure genre?

  7. I've been really enjoying these, coming here thanks to links at Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter site. If you keep posting 'em, I'll keep reading 'em! :-)

  8. These are AWESOME!

    Kelly's style (drawing and writing) fits anything he does. It instantly becomes his own.

    Keep 'em coming PLEASE.