Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back Into Vaudeville, Jazzbo

Well, as I've been indicating, the current run of dailies ends in just a few days, and I've wondered what to do about the Sundays of the same 1965 run. Last weeks' Sunday was the last of an arc, so I thought I'd end there for now. But I changed my mind, and I'm going to continue the run of Sundays with a new arc beginning today. It will be getting a little more interesting than some of the previous Sundays because now we have an elephant to add some weight to the strip! I believe that this is the introduction of Peanie Brickle, the fella we see throughout Pogo in Pandemonia.

So these Sundays will continue throughout the rest of this arc (which lasts until the end of the year!).

Of course this gag is based on the old vaudeville joke about numbered jokes, which even my dad used to tell.

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