Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wot can I do? Wot can I say? Somebody is paying attention enough that they're hooked and want to read ahead. Kip wants to see the next panel with Peanie, to see who knocketh, and Kip used a pleasepleaseplease on me. So behole, I giveth in . . .

Check in on Sunday for the rest of the strip.


  1. Thank you for your gracious and uncommon courtesy. Do you have the strip where Albert wrestles with a folding measure stick or the one where he states that a good looking man look good no matter what he flung on (maybe not an accurate quote..it became vibrant family history.) We also need the chronicles of Alice/Pogo in the McCarthy Red Queen's Court. I grew up with a family that reveled in Good King Sauerkraut Looked Out On His Feets Uneven and sang it at Christmas. I am not your only fan. But I have been too long scamping on fan mail to people who are keeping the glorious,delicious, ironical, uniquely brilliant pieces of our culture alive.

  2. Thank you Kip, very nice to hear all this. I can supply some of these requests, but it might take a ittle bitta time.