Friday, December 31, 2010

Let Nothing You Dismay!

WOOF! Happy New Year!

I ain't got no license to do this, but sharing Kelly's creations throughout the year has been a joy. I'm grateful that I had the presence of mind to archive as much as I did and be able to share the joy with so many people.

Thank you to all the folk who have left comments and sent emails throughout the year, and especially this last week or so. I am inspired to continue what I've been doing here, thanks to the cyber-friends of this blog.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and 'Let nothing you dismay . . . '


  1. Yappy Hoo Near!

  2. I LOVE POGO! very nice for the new year--I have been telling people about your blog & hope they have been coming her-charlie

  3. Yay, charlie! Thanks for doing that! Woof! Happy New Year!