Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gadzooks and Huzzah

Color notes:

Still lotsa yellow, but what's new about that? Except, notice that the yellow bench is against a yellow background in one of the panels and sorta disappears. Strips in other times rarely did stuff like that.

Lotsa green tree trunks.

Howland Owl now has white muttonchops with his light orangish body. And he's got clear glasses again.

Churchy still has the two-tone face, which to me is really distracting.

Four more white background panels, still a rarity in the Okefenokee.

A patch of blue missing through the 'o' in the Pogo logo.

And there's a big green blotch in panel 7. Things like that happen in high speed printing, but it looks almost deliberate like maybe it was in the color engraver's guide. I can see the engraver scratching his head and drawling, 'well alright, if that's what Mr. Kelly wants . . ."

All this doesn't look like color-blindness to me as much as scatter-brainess.

Oh, and hey! I inserted a photo of original art two posts ago. Go back and check it out.


  1. First wanted to say thanks for continuing these strips. I've been very late in chiming in due to personal matters.

    Next, I don't come to the blog site often because I get RSS feeds in email, but due to the usage of light purple on black on the blog my RSS mails are light purple on white which really makes it hard to read. I don't know if anyone else has that issue but if so I would recommend changing the color scheme to accomodate those of us who get RSS feeds of this site.

    But to the point about the horrendous colors in this arc, there must be someone who can be pinged, either on the Kelly estate or technical personnel who might have been around at the time.

  2. Tom,

    Did Miz Beaver get a makeover for this strip? In panel 4, she almost looks... attractive.


  3. MOT, sorry for the light purple, but it's what works best with a black background, and a black background is what works bestl for letting the art shine.

    I'm sure there are people out there with the answers about the color, but right now I ent got time to be pingin'. I'd sure welcome someone else doin' that.

  4. Chris, you're a lonely guy aren't ya?

    . . . just kiddin'. You're right, she's cute in this one, idn't she? Panel 3 too.