Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pooed Out

"Scurrilous lagamuffins, poltroons, spalpeens"—woosh, lotta name-callin' goin' on here.

Even if it is a case of mistaken identity, sorta grisly thinking them boys are eating bun's two heads.


  1. I LOVE POGO--keep them coming--charlie

  2. The thing that actually got me to laugh was the reäction of the donkey to the apparent act.

    As noted before, Kelly's background/side gags are often as good or better than some of the foreground jokes in the strips of to-day.

  3. Do I detect some purposeful slyness in the "pooed out" comment?

  4. Chris, you are a perceptive individual. And I mean that sincerely.

    More about that later.

  5. Hello folks!

    I found a parody of Pogo in an old MAD magazine from 1959. It's part of an installment called "The End of comics".

    Thomas, if you're interested I can email you a digitized copy of it.


  6. I've been looking for that Mad parody for years! See if you can post it to my blog: (next to nothing on it yet but this would be a great start!!!) Many thanks, Anon...

  7. Send me an email to cmbrdropbox (a), and I'll send you the link. //Stripecat