Sunday, February 12, 2012

What You Might Call Woozled

My time is really being overwhelmed by deadlines these days, so posting has to be minimal for now, but you know I'd not miss a Sunday post if I can help it.

Until we can get some new scans from DJ David B., who is still dealing with a flood cleanup, we are digging back into my collection of Pogo Sundays. This is the 1st of a 3 Sunday arc, all about spending time in bed. And when Kelly draws that subject it looks so cozy that I just gotta go hibernate for a few hours myself.
November 29, 1964


  1. A fitting continuation to Groundhog Day (even though a November sunday)
    Thanks for being awake (and POSTING)

    Hun sends

  2. take your time--pogo lasts forever--charlie

  3. What is so rare as a great Walt Kelly blog? Stumbled across your posts and very glad to have found them. Stuff I'd never seen before - Peter Wheat and some of your Sunday pages in particular. You asked for comments from Kelly-inspired cartoonists? I'm one - I discovered my Dad's collection of Pogo books when I was about seven, and they made a huge impression on me. I'm now an illustrator and a recently-published comic book illustrator/writer and I'm sure if you looked you could see Kelly's influence in my work. Thanks for all these great posts - I'm looking forward to working my way through three years' worth of your archive! Cheers.

  4. Hello John, welcome! So good to hear from you. I will be looking in on your work, as well.