Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Baseball Season Burgeons

Over on The Pictorial Archives blog I've let it be known that I'm on a leave of absence from blogging while I'm slogging through deadlines. But anyone tuning in over there shouldn't fret, they can go a thousand other places to get those kind of images.

But you Pogoholics don't have as many opportunities to find what you're looking for, so I've slipped away from my drawing board to take the time to make sure you get your Sunday fix. From 42 years and 4 days ago:

Pogo — March 1, 1970

Spring cleaning with Barnstable and the missus was a regular gag setting for Kelly.


  1. thank's,man.I do need my fix.

  2. it almost seems as if this blog were degenerating to a dialog between Thom, the poster, and me.
    Pse note, Pogophiles out there:
    1. I am not trying to hog the comment space
    2. I am starting to feel lonely in commenting. How much more so, must do the poster. It would not be surprising if he should think of stopping to post due to lack of resonance.
    3. You ought to ask yourselves , if his efforts and the results are not worth even a simple "thank you, THB!"

    For my part, Thom, I appreciate what you are doing. And I love all Pogo postings.
    THANK YOU and 'long live Kelly!'

    HUN sends

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time, Thom. It's very much appreciated. It's always nice when you post something seasonally-appropriate. One of the great things about Pogo was how it acknowledged the seasons and holidays, unlike most comic strips.


  4. Thanks for posting!

  5. Great like always.
    Thanks for taking this time off your "off-time", dear Thom.

  6. I was worried when I read that post on your other blog, Thom. I had pulled all my Pogo books off their shelf, so they'd be handy when I needed my fix. This is great news for us pogophiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time from your hectic schedule to post here, it is greatly appreciated.

    Jim Hinds

  7. Yes these posts are much appreciates! The work is gorgeous and very inspiring for me when I sit down to make comics for myself. He's so good!!!

    Thanks for keeping them coming!