Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Sphinx of Manana

This strip from 49 years ago seems a bit prescient regarding a portable teevee, not too far off from all these folks I see with their eyes glued to their smartphones, watching Hulu and such. 49 years ago I was a kid with my ear glued (almost literally) to a transistor radio's live coverage of the World Series. Media may change over time, but we are forever more going to be plugged into some device or other to keep entertained and/or informed. Kelly saw it coming.

October 20, 1963


  1. And a nice Churchill reference ("mystery wrapped in an enigma"), which was later appropriated by Oliver Stone for his 'JFK.'


  2. as we move on with our new devices I am using a new one--I just picked up my new prius plug in yesterday--a family birthday present--whats next?--charlie

  3. He saw so many things coming, and yet appears to have kept his optimism. Seems there was a good part of Kelly in Pogo Possum (or vice versa...)

    Thanks for posting!

  4. and Many Happy Returns of the day, Thom !

    Best wishes from the Hun