Wednesday, August 1, 2012

South Boundbusses

Thanks, as always, to OtherEric of the Digital Comic Museum for supplying more rare Walt Kelly material. I know a lot of you come just for the Pogo stuff, but this is the WHIRLED of Kelly after all, and EVerything Kelly is welcome here.

This particular story is a bit odd, admittedly, drawn in a style that is barely recognizable as Kelly work. But it's there—look at some of the faces and the general demeanor of the characters. And then read the story, delightfully odd, in the vein of George Carlson's delightfully odd Jingle Jangle Comics. But also, as OtherEric points out, who else but Kelly would have his signature joke of locating the story in South Boundbusses?

If all you come for is Pogo, well, see you on Sunday, Kelly Sunday.

Walt Kelly — Looney Tunes #20 —June 1943

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  1. I came for the Pogo and stayed for the Peter it's all frosting covered gravy!!!