Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Public Dump is a Public Trust!

Well, hi there! I'm glad to be back in your company, here with an 'early' edition of Sunday, Kelly Sunday. It's been a helpless feeling, being without computer for so long. Who woulda thought in my youth that I'd be addicted to an electronic gadget such as this when I was an old fart (though in my mind I'm still a dapper 24 year old). 

My computer has risen again, but it's full of glitches, still giving me the twitches. I've restored my basic files, but the other hundred thousand files are all out of order and hard to reorganize. Another problem is that the scanner doesn't want to coordinate with the new hard drive, refusing to do its job. For my other blogs, that's no problem as I have hundreds of images already scanned. But for the Whirled of Kelly, I usually scan the next strip just before posting. We're lucky here, cuz I had just scanned this post's strip just before the computer crashed. So I was able to stitch the two pieces together and clean it up just now, but wottle I do for next Sunday? I'll try to figure it out this week, but I'm playing catch-up with deadlines and may not have time. IF that's the case, I'll post some other kool Kelly stuff that I do have already scanned. 

Little by little I'll get back in your good graces, Mac willing.

June 18, 1972

Oh, and 'Hun', I owe you a letter soon's I can.


  1. This is Kelly's Vaudevillian-type humor at its best. One great gag after another, rapid-fire-like. Thanks so much for this one! I hope your computer issues get sorted out soon.


  2. And this is late in Kelly's game, with solid cartooning. Thanks Craig!

  3. If that is not good news, I don't know what is: Kelly is whirling again!
    Makes my Sunday; can only hope the week continues as fine as it started.
    I do not know how to thank you, Thom.
    PS. You do not 'owe' me anything; we all are deeply in your debt.

  4. Frits van der Waa11/4/12, 5:00 AM

    Huzzah! On those bleak, unhappy, Kelly-less Sundays I was always reminded of your plight, which must have been dire indeed. Glad that you're back in the swamp & thank you ever so much for the weekly treat!

  5. Best wishes on a quick recovery, and thanks for all that you do to preserve Kelly's work.

  6. it sure is nice to have you & Pogo back--hope you get the material in order soon--charlie

  7. This has a bit of a grimmer twist to it — in the reference to the old retired couple — than I'm used to seeing in Kelly.

    I would mention that Owl was mos'ly jus' ahead of his time. Or, rather, of the time of the dump. Give it perhaps a century, or maybe more, and it would be seen as an arch├Žological treasure. You may be sure that, at some point in the future, there will be a struggle between those who want to mine our present land-fills for material substances, and those who want their objects preserved and studied to better understand what sort of people we were.