Sunday, March 24, 2013

High Class Junk

Things is purty busy round here, so I'm forced to do what I don't like doin'. Namely posting a strip without cleaning it up — bad registration, lumpy colors and bleed through from the other side. I just ain't got the time, so I'm throwing this post up 'as is', so at least you got somethin' for Sunday, Kelly Sunday. I got some great stuff for the middle of the week if I kin jes' get to it.

January 18, 1970


  1. Thom,
    if it comes to a choice between a 'not-cleaned-up' strip or none at all, I for one would always go for the messy one.
    Thank you for taking the time to post at all!


    PS: By posting it 'as-is' you have shown to us addicts, how much effort you usually expend on OUR Sunday fun. I'm always wondering why the rest of the community does not take the small amount of time it takes to show their appreciation

  2. Keep them coming--they really start my Sundays-charlie

  3. Hun, you and charlie are my mainstay commenters and I love you guys dearly for it (I know, there's a few more of you out there as well, and I love you guys too).

    Yes, this page only HINTS at some of the crummy printing I've had to deal with. Sometime I'll show you a comparison of one of the worst and then the end result.

    Cheers to you all! Long Live Kelly!

  4. I agree with Hun. Seeing this "naked" strip gives me renewed appreciation for how much effort you put in every week, dressing 'em in their Sunday best. Thanks for all your hard work, Thom!