Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dag Grabbit!

I'm going to bed 'early' tonight, so I'm posting this Sunday, Kelly Sunday on Saturday night. This is the last segment of this story arc. The strip following this one has already been posted on this blog somewhere in the distant past.

Actually, to the pain and misery of some of you, I'm going to skip the Sunday, Kelly Sunday postings for at least a coupla weeks. Now don't get too upset. By doing so I will be able to start posting other Kelly material that I haven't taken time to prepare yet. Most of it is pretty special stuff that I don't want getting buried by Sunday after Sunday posting . . .  at least for a while. Also, that will give me a chance to take inventory of what's left of the Sundays stash, because, well, we've posted a lot of strips and sooner or later, sob, we're gonna run out of what I've clipped. I need to figure out just how much longer this can go on. Don't panic yet—let's jes' see what's what.

So, stay 'tooned!

February 22, 1970


  1. Thom,
    thanks for not telling a lie! The truth (even if it's hard to swallow (supposedly) is always better.
    The suspense on what other goodies you have in your pocket is slowly strangling me.
    Have a good Kelly Sunday!

  2. Looking forward to the goodies as well; even if I already know what some of them are.