Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aha! Ahee! Ahoo!

Hi folks!

Kelly certainly did give us our money's worth for the cost of a Sunday paper (over 40 years ago). He gave us more than a comic book page worth of tomfoolery every Sunday, PLUS such things as a frog in the lower right corner of the opening panel, and lookit! It looks like he drew in a bit of reflection of the Pogo logo (say 'Pogo logo' fifteen times real sounds like the natives are restless in an old Tarzan movie).

Looking this post over, it looks like I got it pretty well cleaned up from bleed-through and mis-registration. I left a few errors just to keep it natural looking.

Oh, BTW, it may look like we've skipped a Sunday 'tween this'n and last'n. But no, it's already been posted somewhere here on Whirled of Kelly. It was a stand alone page, not part of this arc.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday and LLK!

May 16, 1971


  1. Thom,
    this looks better than new!
    I for one do appreciate the effort (but of course, you just call it a work of love) you put into this. Ok, if YOU believe you can spare the time; I would gladly accept any unreconstructed 'Kelly' just as well.
    Wondering how 'the rest' feel about that.
    Wishing a wonderful Kelly Sunday

  2. Alimentary here,

    No one would make the mistake of assuming real alligators are anywhere near as civil as Albert, but the irony is that most of them are much less troublemaking than he is. Not two blocks from where I lived, they would collect on the backyard shores or float in the dark green waters. Perhaps because of my familiarity, I preferred them to the idea of running into a bear or a poisonous snake. They weren’t remotely gentle things and dogs would become mysteriously lost forever more frequently near their territories, but they actually did their best to avoid confrontation and didn’t really consider people to be targets for predation (except in unusual cases). I’d admire them from as close as 30 feet, but always on my feet and ready to back off. Respect and understanding went a long way to making them peaceful neighbours - no different than other dangerous animals (like humans).

    And now the punchline: Alligator brains are about the size of a half-tablespoon, so I can only assume that Albert must keep his in his right big toe.

  3. Lookie here. This is the extra panel for the landscape edition.

    - (A)

  4. Ever wonder what bored alligator tads get up to in the wee hours? The ones with Photoshop and the extra panel for this comic rebuild the landscape edition of it.

    Enjoy that tongue-grabbin' goodness!

    - (A)