Saturday, June 14, 2014

Halt! In the Name of the Lore!

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. 

I opened an email this evening to find a fully edited, cleaned up version of last week's messy eyesore of an unedited strip. Our Friend-in-Kelly, Frits van der Waa, took it upon himself to do us the favor, though he admits that it took him more than a day to accomplish it (I'm down to about an hour and a half, but I've had several years of doing this to get the hang of it). Frits says that working on this makes him appreciate my work even more than he already did. Swell compliment.

I think Frits did a beautiful job, better than me, but it's just too time-consuming for him to do more. Thank you mucho much Frits, for cleaning this one up for everyone's scrapbook!

August 17, 1969 — Edited Version by Frits van der Waa


  1. Thanks, Frits! Great work. Wonderful job!
    Thankyou, Thom,too, like always.

  2. Great THANKS to both of you!
    Made my Sunday.

  3. Beautiful job! It may have taken awhile, but the effort really shows in the final product ("putting the money onscreen," as they say in the film biz). Thanks, Frits!