Sunday, November 23, 2014

Any Calls While I Was Out?

My internet was on the frizzle for almost a week! No Google! No trailers! No porn! No wasting precious time on pointless crap! It was horrible. And worst of all, I had to skip another Sunday, Kelly Sunday! 

Sorry about that, but blame my ISP—it truly was their fault, just because I dropped my landline in favor of my cell. 

So I'm back, sound as a dollar .  .   .  uh oh. 

March 21, 1965


  1. Calls? Not foryou...Just for the doc!
    You have no idea what suffering from Pogo withdrawal symptoms feels like. (worse than Green Blinders)
    Thanks for surviving Internet withdrawal, Thom.
    LLK / LLTHB / llinet !

  2. Welcome back! The only news that I can offer is that you were missed.

  3. Thanks you guys! I jes' dunno what we're all gonna do when I DO run outta fresh material.