Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Spell of Music

This gathering of characters makes for a great display of cartooning.

And Kelly's understanding of bagpipes is displayed in pretty accurate sound effects (SZKWACK PWEERP) as well as Porkypine's recognition of a Dudelsak. In reality spelled slightly differently, the Dudelsack was once the most widespread bagpipe in use in Europe. Becoming almost extinct, the Dudelsack today has many players . . . including Pogo!

December 8, 1968


  1. I love all permutations of the wailing bladder tubes, but my personal favorite is the uilleann pipes. Aso to the posted, I personally love Kelly's brazen tendencies to have nice Sunday crowds.

  2. I am in a chorus here at work. We meet every friday to practice. Our practices aren't nearly as well drawn as this (though perhaps a bit more musical).

  3. Great stuff as per usual.


  4. Great stuff, Thom! Never saw that page before. Wonderful.
    We owe you a lot.