Sunday, November 15, 2015

Can't Execute the Green Dog Razzle Dazzle Hipper Super Dip and Fade Away

This Sunday strip isn't the most interesting, or graphically pleasing of Kelly's work, but it's the start to a run of strips that get a bit better. Hang in there.

October 18, 1970


  1. Hi!
    Thought I should check in for old times sake; and: Lo and behold:
    -Walt Kelly is still immortal
    -Thom is still perfecting and posting Pogo strips
    - the community is still as lazy as ever in showing their appreciation
    - Nothing much seems to have changed since the beginning of this year

    Greetings and THANKS, THB!


  2. Hun! So glad to hear from you!!! I've so missed your wit and pith! Yes, a young college student has inspired me to continue posting, yea though I rarely hear from some one.

    I really am starting to run low on my original Sunday strips, but I have a few other goodies stashed away for a rainy day.

    Kelly will be immortal as long I am alive and kicking.

    Wish I knew what you are up to, Hun. Thanks so much for checking in, and all best wishes to you! I hope you come back again!!!

  3. Thanks for all the great work. Walt Kelly was and is still, the best. No equal. (I'm just another one of those faithful and silent fans.)