Sunday, January 31, 2016


Herewith is Pogo, POST Kelly, as you can immediately tell. Oog! 
It just goes to show how special the art was by Kelly himself.

July 7 and 14, 1974


  1. I can't dislike the post-Kelly strips; it's his family working hard to pay off the debts from his illness. But they do highlight just what an unique spark Walt had, don't they?

    On a complete tangent, did you notice a couple of your entries here have been cited as Wikipedia references? Somebody finally created a Peter Wheat entry over there, and we get cited multiple times. Let's see how the Hermes Press reprint announcement turns out.

    1. Oh, great: That's the first time I hear about a reprint project on paper (I hope) of Peter Wheat. This would be splendid. What Thom did with the collecting and restauring and digitizing and posting of these stories, here, was tremendous. It is such a beautiful, innocent, pure but highly professionally done comic. A true masterpiece.

      As for the post-Kelly Pogo strips, Selby Kelly has explained herself many times about those. They had no choice. Contractually but also, mainly, to pay off the debts of Walt Kelly's illness. I think these people have been very courageous. And they knew, too, better than us, that you can't even begin to dream to replace Walt Kelly.
      and I like the strip very much with "We lost so much this year", "No.We didn't loose it. We just gave it back after borrowing it for a time". Maybe it's a refurbishing of some previous Walt's piece of dialogues. But it's great, by all means. And very comforting for these kind of circumstances.

    2. I'm curious of the circumstances of the "I Go Pogo" claymation movie was produced under(which apparently was the first feature length clay animated film made, but I'm pretty well aware that firsts are never an assurance of notability in this world). And of course the 1989-1992 comic revival. I'm still curious to see the run of those, just simply for the exploration and extrapolation the family did on the setting and characters there.

  2. Concur!
    May be better than most stuff published these days, but labelling it 'By Walt Kelly' is close to using that name in vain


    1. Too often comic strips that are continued by family members or anyone else picked up often always stick the creators name in like that.

  3. I figure it's about time I pipe up with my occasional Thank You! I read your posts every week with relish (makes for a messy keyboard). Thank you and thank you again!