Saturday, May 27, 2017

THAT is SOME Space Ship!

This continuity is moving along into one of my favorite episodes, that of Pogo's first trip to "Mars".  It's lovely to see it unfold in color.

November 16, 1952


  1. Didn't Pogo and Churchy have an earlier trip to "Mars," when they landed on a chicken farm? It's in The Pogo Sunday Book (p. 118 to end of book), where the Sunday strips seem to be from 1950 and 1951 (that's from the copyright page; dates were removed from the individual strips as usual).

  2. Oh, here we go -- you posted one strip from that earlier "Mars" trip (December 16, 1951) on December 2, 2012, with the title "Nibblin' Desultory-Like."