Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Kelly's Donald

A query came in the last post's comments, asking about any Kelly credit for this German edition of Duck reprints. You can reference that question in that post's comments, and the general answer is that the German cover is a modern 'tracing' of the Kelly cover on WDCS #101, changing a few details (fez, slippers, patterns, and even 'hatch' lines [Kelly's lines on the side of the chair indicate that Donald puts a bit of weight on the chair], etc). 

Part of the question was, is that the work of Jippes on the modern cover?  I'm guessing no, because I think Jippes would change it all a bit more to fit his lovely style, but ya never know.

And YES, we will have more new Pogo stuff, it's just stuck somewhere in the pipeline. I'm working on it!

WDCS #101


  1. Hey, thanks a lot for this response! So it´s kind of a Kelly cover, but not quite... didn't expect that!
    Daan Jippes did a bunch of re-drawings that were really close to the originals (although mainly missing parts of Barks stories, I believe), so I still think it could be his work, maybe originally done for the Dutch Donald Duck book. On the other hand, his other Kelly-style-covers that I know all seem to be original creations and, to your point, more of a variation, style wise... ah, I just don´t know! I´m pretty familiar with his work, but this remains a head scratcher.
    The question is in any case: why copy this cover, since it probably isn´t specific to a story? Quite an oddity! And being used in Germany as the cover for an album with exclusively Barks stories makes it even stranger (They probably just used what they had at the time and perhaps for some reason no Barks cover was available... although that seems unlikely since there are so many!).
    Maybe Jippes or someone else did it simply as an exercise and study of Kelly´s style and since it came out nicely, why not use it?
    Thinking of it, I guess re-drawing covers wasn't all that uncommon in the days before digital files. If you like the motive and that´s the only way to do it...
    Anyway, I like it. It could be considered mean, but I think it´s too silly to be taken too seriously. The joyfully laughing parrot really gets me! And Donald looks just so darned pleased with the situation...

  2. All your thoughts sound valid, but who knows. It would be fun to read about the talented European emulators of Barks—who did what and why as they celebrated the stylizing of Barks' work.

  3. I don't think it's a Jippes, mainly because in a Jippes drawing even sitting in a chair would express some form of action.