Thursday, February 14, 2019

Nobody Knows Nothin'!

Kelly sorta ran this whole Miz Beaver thing into the ground, but then that was his prerogative, wasn't it?!

February 14, 1962

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  1. He was building up to a scene where she rants at Miz Ma'm'selle about the disgraceful mens in the swamp, and I guess he wanted her to have a lot of separate incidents to build her case on.

    "Critturs of deceit" belongs to a differ'nt complaint, valid against only some menfolk, namely such as leads a gal on with false expectations of constancy and marriage. But Miz Beaver seems to figger it's what you say whenever men falls down in the romance department.

    Meanwhile Porkypine is 8 days early for Washington's Birthday (which in them days was called that and wasn't adjusted to be allus on a Monday). He'd of been only 2 days late if he'd made it Lincoln's Birthday, but that wasn't observed in all states, and I'd guess Georgia as a Southern state would be unlikely to go for it.