Sunday, March 31, 2019

Dawn Quixote, the Pretzel Queen

March 31, 1962


  1. Lessee ... Churchy thunk:

    1. Miz Beaver wouldn't see him delivering the note.
    2. So she couldn't know what the "mysterious stranger" looks like.
    3. Owl would still be wearing the same male disguise as before.
    4. So Miz Beaver would eventually see him and figure he was the stranger.

    But she did see him (not as himself but as a different-looking stranger), and Owl is now wearing a female disguise.

    Meantime I still don't know what a phonolium is. Or why the parody name Dawn Quixote should be connected with pretzels.

  2. Ahh the twist. It's the only dance I ever learned and that only because the feet don't have to move.
    This past month of toons has been a delight. Thanks for the good work and the fine memories.


    1. Hmm, it sure looks like their feet are moving (and fast) in that last panel. Mebbe Miz Beaver doesn't know what the twist is?