Monday, January 30, 2012

Corpse and Robbers

By popular demand (well, nine of you—but there were so many 'please please pleases' that counted for more), I give you Muckey Spleen's The Bloody Drip. Some of you may have seen this a millyum times (as I have), and still it's enjoyable. So, turn the lights low, cozy up to your computer and enjoy this publication of The New National Treasury of World Culture:


  1. This is great - thanks for posting!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    (I was taught, when just a tad, to make sure my "thank you"s equaled my "please"s.)

    Great strip, and thanks for posting so quickly!

  3. great --thanks for this "gem"--charlie

  4. Hi, there,Tom (and others awake. Most of Kelly-fandom seems to be still hibernating,i.e. waiting for Groundhog Day)
    I'd like to go back one posting. The Deacon's appearance in this Sunday strip set me to wondering if he showed up often later on; because he soon changed his character from "educator" to "political animal". and as you pointed out in an answer to a question of mine, Kelly tried to keep politics out from the Sundays.
    Next one: Was Kelly the first artist to use fancy lettering to give the flavor of their speech to different characters? (May sound a stupid question to you but there is no real comic strip culture in our country)
    Coming back to Pogo: Did many other characters earn fancy lettering? Offhand I can remember just two: P.T.Bridgeport and a kyrillic-lettered Pig / Chrustchev-look alike.
    And both of these politicos would hardly have places in Sunday strips.
    Thanks for your patience and postings!
    Transatlantic Hun
    PS. Just looked up Pogo in Wikipedia and noticed that your blog is NOT listed among the External links there(mostly 404s anyway)

  5. Hi Transatlantic Hun (may I just call you 'Hun'?)

    Good questions and I'll get to them after I meet a deadline. Thanks for being awake and curious!

    1. 'Hun's so much more heroic without the qualifier (and shorter. I always had a problem of not leaving out one or more letters from 'Transatlantic'); very pleased with it.
      Please take all the time you need and more.
      Wish I could contribute more than questions, but Pogo-comic-wise we really live in a desert here.
      Truely yours