Sunday, April 29, 2012

The First Wrist Teevy Set in Comic Strip History

Let's go all the way back to 1963, the year that I first started collecting Pogo Sundays.

October 13, 1963


  1. just a short note to let you know I turn 92 today & want you to know how much it means to have these beauties on my 32" monitor- I stopped tv--I get everything here--charlie

  2. All the best to you charlie. I'm so glad you have the 32". I think of you every time I post a Sunday!

  3. Thank you so much for the marvelous Sunday from October 20, 1963. And my 29th birthday, plus, a few weeks letter, married to my most current spouse, Margot! Yes, in 2013 that will be fifty years.

    Thank you again.

  4. Martin, that's wonderful! Congratulations! My wife and I are only coming up on 25.

  5. When I wrote "most current spouse," I did not mean I've had any others.

    I wonder if Walt Kelly is inspiring my dialogue.

    In any case, 25 is an impressive number, too, and additional cheers to you for, at the same time the rest of your life rolls along, keeping this fine, great Whirled of Kelly spinning.

  6. Thanks Martin. I kinda figured with that nice high number of 50, there wouldn't have been too many other spouses. Actually, one of our friends, when she phones our house and I answer, will ask if my current spouse is available, as a default joke. So I took your reference the same way.

    Spinning Kelly's Whirled is a great pleasure, but I hunger for more time to really do it right.

  7. What you have here IS a rare, fine blog, and not a do it right as can be. I only have to look at the parade of tiny mice at the top of this page to be reminded how you do honor to Walt Kelly and his art, day after day after day.

    I'm sure that you do not have many more blog followers only because the Internet is overpacked with content, appealing to us from all directions, and time for taking our ease is always never enough.

    Good health to you.

  8. I SO appreciate your words, Martin. And I did make an effort to put that header together with the mice and all, so thanks for noticing!

    I'll keep blogging here for as long as I have material.

    Thank you and good health to you as well