Monday, April 23, 2012

Happiness is a Warm Book

A couple weeks ago, when I posted the Pogo Puce Stamps, there was a little discussion about how just the mere sight of Kelly's artwork could fill one with happiness. And for Kelly fans there is no doubt to that claim.

When I'm down and out, I pull out one of the old Simon and Schusters and sit quietly, breathing in the aroma of the old paper and ink, and fill my soul with the warmth and humor of Kelly's Whirled.

Below, I love this book cover. It just makes me happy to look at it.


  1. Hun's opinion:
    judging from the pic your book has been well read, but lovingly handled.
    My '79 (reprint-)copy has the following dialog in its last strip:
    Churchy: "I BEEN THINKIN'..."
    a great recipe before going to bed!

  2. Tom,

    A POGO action cover, no less!


  3. While Tom occasionally criticizes Pogo as being the most boring character in the strip (and I sort of agree), I think what keeps him palatable is that he is consistently one of the best-drawn critters there. His expressions always convey so much.


  4. Kelly himself called Pogo a dishrag, a bore, a piece of fluff. But you know that he loved the little guy dearly. Still, Albert was Kelly's favorite character.

  5. Pogo's a bore? Ah, come on, you guys! You must be joking. Pogo, and Porky Pine too, are the stable elements that make the whole work credible and consistent. Albert will make me die laughing someday and Beauregard is such an incredible character. Etc... Etc... Right! But with only the clowns and the meanies, this comic wouldn't be the same immortal great artistic masterpiece that it is.
    And then, anyway, Pogo is such a brave innocent and positive little guy. Remember how he stood in front of Simple J. Malarkey or against most of Mole's bad schemes. Pogo is a dear, dear friend... And a great example to try to follow in real life!

  6. Of course Pogo's not a bore—he's boring. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just a trait. Kelly knew that he was essential to the strip.

    And off course Pogo is a great example to follow in real life—I consider myself completely boring.