Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mr. Presidump

I believe this is the last of this particular arc — Grundoon showing us once again the fearlessness of children. This Sunday strip is somewhat toward the end of Kelly's great run and is just ever so slightly starting to wear thin, though many people would argue with that.

By this time in the history of comic sections, the quality of printing suffered in most strips—the pressmen being slapdash and screwloose in their registration of color and cleanliness of their ink rollers. I cleaned up a lot of misregistration and ink splotchiness on this scan, though I ran out of time and a bit is still evident here and there.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

January 30, 1972


  1. Makes one wonder, if the dream of being president might turn out to be a nightmare.
    Thanks for posting and making my Kelly sunday.

  2. this is the best way to start sundays--reading Pogo--charlie