Sunday, August 25, 2013


Today is Walt Kelly's 100th birthday!!!

We Kelly fans may be somewhat finite in number, but infinite in appreciation of Kelly's outstanding cartooning career!

Please make your way over to view a labor of love, a tasty tribute, a chestful of cheer:

It's not a biography, it's not a checklist, it's not comprehensive of all his work. It's a birthday tribute! Let me know what you think of it.

Use your controls to get the zine to full screen, and then click on the bottom right or left to flip the pages forward or backward. Click once on any given page to enlarge it for better readability and click once again on the page to revert to the double spreads. I hope you like it! 


  1. I was going to hold back ( I have started to feel like the kid in class hated by all the others for always raising his hand - to show he was awake, more than anything else) but as it is already middle of this Sunday afternoon without any comment on this posting I WILL raise my hand(s): Thank you, Thomas Buchanan! The oldest boy cartoonist up there in his personal swamp must be feeling proud: It's not every run-of-the-mill pencil pusher get's such a tribute, even on his 100st. Do not know what to admire most: collection, selection or presentation. No, dedication to a good cause!
    I keep my fingers crossed that p. 116 serves its purpose. Your own probably will be pretty busy trying to keep you breadwinning, ie. making up for time 'lost'( not lost at all; you know what I try to express)
    LLK and Three Loud Cheers for THB!

  2. Lovely tribute, Thomas. Obviously a labor of love. Thanks so much for doing it.

  3. I love the issue. I'm looking forward to reading the articles and savoring them throughout the day and throughout the week. I love that you've included Peter Wheat and the fairy tale work, as well as Pogo. Thank you to you and your contributors!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thom, I'm not done going through this MAGNIFICENT tribute to Kelly, but I had to pause a moment and let you know how absolutely perfect this is. Great stories, great art; and combined in a wonderful design.

    Thank you for this labor of love!

  5. Very nice. A pity it's not on paper.

  6. A beautiful tribute, Thom. Long Live Kelly!

  7. Hello Thom

    I've just read your "Delineated Life" and I'm impressed. Fantastic work you've done! Reproduced in larger size, one can really see the details that show just how talented Walt Kelly was. I already knew about the political events around "Simple J Malarkey", but the article was enlightening.

    If he was alive today, he would most certainly have loved your birthday gift.


  8. Well Thom, you pulled it off----in SPADES. Absolutely lovely in every way. of course the Kelly art's great, but YOUR portraits, layout, design...just beautiful! Congrats. Jim Engel

  9. Amazing work Thomas!
    Wonderful job worthy of the great man.


  10. Looks great! Can't wait til I have time to sit down and dig through it!

  11. Your Walt Kelly Number was much anticipated and did not disappoint. Great job!

    Richard D

  12. Wonderful, Thom!
    Great, great work!
    (And sorely needed. But we don't want to sadden this Month of Rejoicing and Reminiscing with negative thoughts...)
    This is truly a biographical — and graphical — work of genius about an out-of-this-world genius.
    If Thomas Buchanan didn't exist, we would dream of having such an art-connoisseur-and-reviewer on this planet with us.
    I'm conquered.
    A thousand thanks.

  13. Just wow! Fantastic - many thanks. Big Kelly fan. here in Australia. I go Pogo! BillF

  14. Thom,

    I still haven't finished wending my way through all the content, but what I've seen so far has been glorious. A Pogo fan is so rarely in the position of having TOO MUCH Kelly material to look at all at once! Usually it's the exact opposite problem.

    This tribute has been brightening my week every night when I get home and look through a little more of it. And I have a feeling I'll be going back to it many, many more times over the coming months and years! Absolooly beautiful. Thanks, Thom.


  15. Outstanding tribute! I would definitely buy this in book form; thanks for putting this together!

  16. Thanks folks, I appreciate your comments so much.