Saturday, August 17, 2013

Welcome to the Beginning

Greetings Friends-in-Kelly! Normally I try to post a Pogo Sunday strip on Sundays, but this is my last hectic week to finish up the Walt Kelly tribute number of Delineated Life, a zine that celebrates artists and their work. The page count has risen too high for practicality, so I've made an editorial cut to some pages that I had planned for the issue. This is one cut of two, and the second one hopefully will be posted later this week.

And NEXT WEEK, will be Walt Kelly's 100th birthday, even though he left us 40 years ago. If I don't have catastrophic interference before then, we'll be providing a link on that date to view, free of charge, the Kelly tribute issue, chock full of Kelly goodness. Much of the material you may have seen before, but much of it is in a new context, so you'll probably enjoy seeing it all again. For some of you maybe the material will be brand new for you, in which case, "YAY".

The scans below came to us from Mark Fuller Dillon (way back in February) and I relaid them out to a condensed format. It's the booklet from the 1965 'Great Society' era that made its message easier to tolerate due to Kelly's lovely character renderings. This publication is available here and there on the net, but still a big thank you to Mark for scanning and taking the initiative to send it over here to share with the Whirled of Kelly. Sorry I didn't have time to post the scans at full size. Mark offers to send full-res scans of these pages to you for the asking. You can reach Mark at:         

I like the "learn by asking" page.

Be here next week to celebrate! Your presence is necessary, but no presents are necessary. LLK!


  1. Wonderful! Looking forward to next week!

  2. Thanks, THB for taking the time for posting and Thanks, MFD for sanning and contributing!

  3. Thanks for this, Thomas. Really looking forward to next week!

  4. I gave you large, detailed scans so that you could share them with your readers and admirers of Kelly's work. For that reason, I'd like to ask why you have made them so tiny.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the tribute!

  6. Gosh, Mark, I'm sorry. These pages don't look tiny on my computer. I was trying to save on page count for use in the tribute issue, as 24 pages is a lot for this sort of feature. So I ganged them, but even then the tribute page count is way beyond what it should be. So I used the page layouts as they were for this blog, since I'm still frenetically trying to assemble the issue for Kelly's birthday. I'll repost these full-size after the Delineated Life number rolls out.

  7. No, that's quite all right, I can understand that you're busy and that you have excellent projects on the way.

    If you'd like to post my email address -- -- I'd be more than happy to send the full scans to any of your readers who would like to have them. Kelly's work is what matters, and the more people who can see the drawings for this pamphlet, the better.