Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good Cheer! Good Cheer!

Well, most of us Pogophiles have seen this selection of Pogo in black and white, published here and there, as well as an early post on this blog. But I, personally, have not seen the colorized version presented here, thoughtfully sent over by Friend-in-Kelly Richard Davidson

This, as you see, was printed in the Daily News Magazine in 1987, well past Kelly's passing, but still a legitimate bauble in the Kelly treasure trove of Christmas ephemera.

It's fun to see Kelly's photo looking all curmudgeonly, and the writing in the introduction is nicely done by Jay Maeder.

Kelly's art is equally enjoyed (at least by me) in its lush black and white AND its lush colorized versions. So, this is a lovely stocking stuffer for Christmas Eve.

Open the door, Richard!


  1. Happy Christmas, Thom! Thanks for another year of incredible Kelly treasures. Kelly's Christmas spirit was truly infectious. It's almost impossible to look at this stuff without grinning from ear to ear!


  2. I was having a discussion with my father while we gathered along the surprisingly balmy southeastern coastline for our family yuletide - it's our tradition to rent a shack there and appreciate the counter-intuitive season vacation.

    Apparently he was quite a fan of the old comics too, without my knowing it. He cited that he loved reading the comics in high-school. We were able to recount storylines to each other we loved, especially the somewhat politically incorrect one where Albert attempts to go the the city by train.

    His father was not unlike Albert in his wicked sense of humor, citing to his children that Santa had been lost in a wartime mishap on the eve some 70 years ago.

    Much like Albert though, in the end gifts were delivered and children's smiles were wide. At least until Albert has a go with their new model train set!

    - (A)

  3. Thanks for all you have done for us Pogo-fans this year, Thom. But then you know already how much I appreciate your dedication...
    Now for my familiar nitpicking contribution: You managed to print the second and third strip close to the end, making a bit of a hash of continuity. Wonder who else noticed...

  4. Merry Christmas and thanks for all your excellent and painstaking work.

  5. Hun, I'm just now seeing what you mean about being out of order. By way of explanation at this late date, I dumped all the images in to the post all at once, figuring that the site would line them up properly and I-just-didn't-check!

  6. And thanks everyone else from 2013, I hope you're still kicking around for Christmas of 2018!