Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nossir! I Was the Hero! He Was the Ball!

Who else but Kelly would write those words for a comical strip? 
No one before, no one since.


September 28, 1969


  1. Could that be Waldo, Miz Beaver's guard-dog fish? But where then is li'l Audrey (the bunny, just one week old)? These two used to be inseparable, at least Waldo was.
    So much for everlasting love!

    Thanks, Thom!
    as you wrote: LLK!


    1. Hun, I indeed put Waldo as one of the labels for this fishy guy, but when he's with Miz Beaver he's very silent, as opposed to being quite chatty with li'l Awry (not Audrey). Not to be racist, but it's hard to tell one fish from another.

    2. Gives me another idea for a study leading to a doctorate in Pogonomics: The role of fishes in the strip (some are edible, a few others have personalities; serving them during a fish fry surely would be considered cannibalism). Come to think of it: apart from Albert (who swallows everyting) all the swamp denizens seem to be vegetarians (sausages probably grow on trees; oh, (p)tough ptarmigans are an excusable mistake)


  2. Never did learn to play One-a-Cat.

    I remember this one from when I was a kid. Don't comment that often, but I'm reading them all. Thanks!!!