Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nothin' Abaft the Foregammon Bowsprit Two Points Off the Starboard Gam

Well, I thought last week's post seemed a bit familiar. Turns out that I posted it quite some time ago, and not realizing it, I scanned and cleaned it again. Sheesh. 

Well this week's strip also was posted some time ago, but this time I was savvy enough to find it in my archived files. I'm reposting it here to keep continuity going with the current arc. 

To make up for this repeat, I have some nice material to share later this week that was sent over by one of our great Friends-in-Kelly.

October 5, 1969


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble...

  2. Thanks for maintaining the continuity with the strip of July 20 (which is an all-time great, with even the relatively sensible Pogo joining in the pigskin madness and Miz B’s pet fish being either the hero or the ball). I’ve been intending for weeks to e-mail you to say thanks for the wonderful experience that you have provided for WK fans.

    I believe that many more people enjoy your site than ever take the time to thank you for your work (and based on the beauty of you postings from old scanned newspaper strips, it must take some real work to get the Sundays looking so grand). I think a lot of your viewers are just too shy or preoccupied to take the time to respond to your postings. They may simply not know what to say. What we all should say from time to time is: “This is great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    If you do decide to tackle the task of colorizing the Prehysterical dailies, I will be an enthusiastic follower of your progress. The Prehysterical blog is a great service in itself. I wonder if other folks are like me, who for a time was not aware of that blog’s separate location on the web. At the rate Fantagraphics (and bless ‘em, they do a lot of great work) is going, we may not see the Prehysterical volume(s) for another, what, 12 or 15 years??? I should live so long! The Fantagraphics volumes are beautiful and well worth owning, but their WK Sundays ain’t got nuthin’ on you, Mr. THB.

  3. Well, thank you so much for the kind words, Anonymous. I especially thank you for commenting on the notion of colorizing some Prehystericals. I dunno, I thought maybe colorizing some panels here and there, just to celebrate their special qualities.

    Again, thanks for the nice words! They help keep me going.