Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Game Goes On!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Last week I said I'd post up a bonus thing to make up for posting duplicate Sundays, but I just plain didn't have time. This post is also a duplicate, just to complete the arc we've been running. Then I just don't know how many more 'new' Sundays I have left. I'll have to check. But in the meantime I've got some nice dailies queuing up. Please bear with me.

October 12, 1969

Love that elephant in the 1st panel far background, 
put in there for no particular reason. 


  1. Thanks again, Thom!

    All those hearts in the last panels got me thinking (and checking):
    In the blog (July 6) StripeCat wondered if there might be some connection between the bulldog and J.E.Hoover in the Pogo strips and you gave your opinion that probably 'no'.
    I cannot check all Sunday strips after Oct. '69 (have not got them), so do not know if this bulldog definitely left (with Miz Beaver).
    In any case J.E.Hoover entered the daily strips (he surely never made it into the Sundays!) as 'Boss' (a very buttoned-up bulldog) on June 25,'71.
    In Jan. '72 this 'Boss' started developing a valentine message on his National Security computer for Miz Beaver, never having made that lady's personal acquaintance in the meantime.
    Now, Miz B. does not have a reputation of being overly friendly towards males. So: What gave Boss the idea that his valentine might be gracefully accepted by her?
    Maybe there was some faint bit of memory in his brain? (Or just in Kelly's...)


  2. I enjoy the sports-themed strips more often than not. Seeing this arc in proximity to Seminole Sam’s appearance a few weeks back reminded me of one of my very favorite sports-oriented sequences—in which none of the regulars participated in any athletic activity. This sequence, which had its metacomic elements, began when Sam appeared on the scene with a bottle filled with intelligent gnats. As a service, Sam offered the swamp folk the opportunity to have their word balloons generated by the gnats, who would fly in formation to spell out what the characters had to say. The loquacious Beauregard did not like the idea, but Sam tried to lure him in by having the gnats spell out sports headlines. Soon Sam and Beauregard were caught up in an unlikely major league pennant chase involving the Washington Senators (the Nats), with the back-and-forth between the two reading like a hilarious fusion of Samuel Beckett and the Marx Brothers. The sequence can be found in Ten Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Years on pp. 282–282.

    Defrog the Goobermint

  3. Because I often pin these to my Pinterest board, I just got a comment in from a pal I know who told me he owns the original drawing to this strip! Just thought I pass that along!