Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anonymous, The Magnanimous

I know some of you have said that if it comes to either not cleaning up a Sunday strip or not showing it at all, you'll take it dirty and disheveled. I jes' hate puttin' em out dirty, so I do a hurry clean if I can, which is what I've done here.

Yippies and Paul Krassner were in the spotlight at the time of this strip. Krassner, having been a founder of the Youth International Party (Yippies), was a potent rabble rouser and was famous for prankster activism. 

This attorney fox guy looks like Seminole Sam, but isn't. And check out the worm's false nose and 'stache mask in the first panel, before he disappears (maybe squooshed under all that excitement?). And that's a pretty tree, isn't it?


November 3, 1968


  1. Anonymous writes:
    I feel really magnanimous in accepting such a crummy Sunday offering without complaining of the lack of service, Thom...
    (aka Hun)

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  4. That's no tree, it's more like someone decorated one with butterflies and flowers. This is a perfect example of how 'real' and 'good' are two separate concepts. Kelly was a master of the most fanciful trees.

  5. Wow--I had no memory of WK ever mentioning Paul Krassner in Pogo. I do remember many of the 1968 daily strips featuring McCarthy, Kennedy, LBJ, Wallace, Rockfeller, and Nixon.

    Good thing I saw this before someone like Mr. Miggles suckered me into a bet on a Krassner appearance in Pogo. I could have easily been fleeced of lebenty-leben dollars and lebenty-leben cents or more.

    Defrog the Goobermint