Friday, August 15, 2014

A Nod to Pogo

This is not the bonus I've been referring to, but it's a bonus of another sort, kindly sent over by Mark Seganish—and I just now got around to sharing it. A nod to Pogo, Churchy, Albert, and Porky!

Thanks Mark, and sorry for the delay!


  1. I'm wondering if all of them are Pogo characters. Is that a Snavely in the corner? Is that PT Bridgeport to the extreme left? I suspect so.

    Albert makes such a poor role model for kids (which could potentially explain a lot about me!) but at least he's wearing a classy bowtie.

  2. nice reminder of olden times...
    Just wondering, how many of today's readers will have caught the allusion to Pogo.