Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Ork! Ork!" I Cry, in Piddiful Noo!

Now here's some fine acting by Pogo the possum, who normally is a bit passive (read dull)—nice to see him get energized. The language, again today, is engaging—famously Kellyesque.

Maybe we Kelly fans should, goopley and northful, start dropping some of these catch phrases into our everyday conversations and see if they proceed into common usage.


  1. now that is a mouthful--you study it & it still doesn't make sense--but I still love it--charlie

  2. Y'know, Thomas, I do drop in Kellyisms... when I can't find my glasses, I usually say, "anyone seen my eye-bone goggles?"


  3. Bill in Paducah8/13/10, 6:42 AM

    I do use rowrbazzle and moomph moomph moomph from time to time - I've only had one person ask me what it means.

  4. If you use these words around certain types of people they probably won't ask you what they mean due to feeling embarrassed about not knowing them.