Monday, August 2, 2010

Rude-an-mints of Self Defense

Good morning!

We're joining the story, already in progress. I had to step in somewhere, cuz the storylines just wander all over the landscape, and there is no starting line. And it's funny that I was going to try to summarize the story up to this point, but I can't really. Kelly doesn't have a plot. Characters dance around for a while and then somehow they change partners.

This strip seems a good place to start, being today's date and all, and bringing Pogo back into the fray, when he hadn't been in for a whiles. And not to be too much of a spoiler, the story will get around to involving Pogo paternally. Huh?

Well anyway, it's 45 years ago, it's a lazy summer day. Hear the locusts buzz in the distance and the owl that hoots quietly in the morning in the tree outside the window. The heat is already sweltering at 8 in the morning, and the newspaper is unfolded to the comic section.

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