Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quarter Past August

Saturdays were special back then even in the middle of summer vacation, sort of like double freedom if that makes any sense. Maybe it was a carry over from the school year that Saturday was the day of exploration and giving in to daydreams. It was the day I sorted comix and comic strips. It was the day I would paste the strips into albums.

It's a strange feeling to know what I was doing 45 years ago this very minute.

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  1. I agree that Saturday remained somehow special, even during the school recess. I think your suggestion correct that a large part of it was simply that the school year conditioned us to regard Saturday as special. We were probably also affected by the fact that many adults around us caught a break on most Saturdays. In my own case, there was the point that The Bugs Bunny Show still aired on Saturday mornings.

    I no longer remember whether Saturday or Sunday were the day that my family travelled to the Denville bookstore, to get comic books and paperback books.