Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Litter Squad is Relentless!

This arc is headin' for the finish line, but hang on, it's not over yet.

Look, look! Below! Fast acting action!


  1. the tiny bug in the enlarged panel reminds me of Fremount, the bug chile who was running for president (way, way back..) Giving speaches 'jus'fine' or hiccuping. Had to withdraw from the race because he was not born in a log cabin but found in a package of breakfast cereal and turned out to be an a(u)nteater.What a sorry waste of talent!
    Maybe a relative?
    Thanks for posting the good stuff, Charlie!

    Transatlantic Anon.

  2. If you have even slight doubts that your contributions of beautiful and hilarious Pogo are appreciated, let me encourage you strongly to continue.

    What can your supporters do to help, other than endorse your blog to others?

    Good new year to you.

    Martin Fass

  3. Martin, thank you! Yes, endorse to others, encourage them to leave comments about their love of Kelly and Pogo, and more followers! We need more official blog followers!

    Thanks again.