Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr. Knoteven

It's not often that I get the thrill of seeing Pogo art that I haven't seen before in some form. But this Christmas 1960 page, from the collection of David B, showed up at the "Super I.T.C.H." site (International Team of Comics Historians), and indeed it was a thrill to not have recognized it.

Viva Kelly!


  1. walt kelley & pogo seem to show up everywhere--and they should--charlie

  2. A really great find, thanks for posting it and the links too.

  3. If you dig around on the I.T.C.H. blog you'll see and HEAR some other rare Kelly material. It's sort of a Christmas tradition.

    I've got a large collection of Sundays, along with the records Kelly made. Sooner or later I'll get them scanned and posted.

    I recently acquired a big batch of Sundays from the Prehysterical era. Are you guys interested in those?

    D.J. David B.

  4. Hi David B.— Glad to see you here. I'm hoping you mean that you can share some of those 50s Sundays with our Kelly fans here. We have a great fan base checking in alla time.

    Re: Prehysterical Pogo, have you looked in on Pogo in Pandemonia, our sister blog where I posted the full run of Sundays and dailies of that whole epic that I saved when they first were published? The link to that is


    If you have other stuff beyond what's posted there, we'd love to see it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.