Sunday, July 21, 2013

Excellent Advice!

Here we learn just a little of Churchy's family tree.

Unless he's making it up as it goes.

June 20, 1972

Note to professional cartoonists who have ever been under the influence of Kelly:  We're still looking for professional tribute art for the Walt Kelly Online Number of Delineated Life. If you're planning and/or hoping to create a doodle, sketch or finished drawing for us, we need them by the week of August 4. But we need you to tell us in advance if you're thinking of contributing a jpeg image, any size or ratio.This will be Kelly's 100th, and we are preparing to celebrate—and we need a lot more participation of the professional arts community to do it up proper. Even a sentence or paragraph of how Kelly has affected you will be most welcome. Maybe think of your own character(s) being the voice of your thoughts.

We just received a real beauty of a drawing from a top European cartoonist. Really now, how many opportunities do you get to thank the greatest cartoonist that ever lived (in my opinion) for his creative impact? Contact me at the email that's listed somewhere on this blog.


  1. See, you never know what you are getting into with ancestry investigations.
    What a timely warning!


  2. Thom,
    I'll be offline till next weekend.
    So, do not hold your breath waiting for my usual 'institutional' (silly) comment tomorrow.
    You know anyway, how much I appreciate what you are doing for us pogophiles.
    LLK / LLTHB!