Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Talk of Growed-Up Intellectuals

Sorry for getting distracted and delayed (I've been working on the Kelly tribute zine). It's still Sunday, so Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! 

February 27, 1972


  1. Having just returned to my usual haunts I feel I have to deliver my two-bits:
    Febr.27, 1972 surely is not one of the best of Kelly's strips (or was it just the newspaper editor that screwed up...)
    Churchy gets more 'Albert-colored' towards the end - just compare the last panel with the one above. And what about the coloring of the right-hand tree in the starting panel: pink with blue branches switching to completely blue in the next?
    And why add (un-ground) surrogate coconuts if there are no bananas nor even a tiny pinch of sugar for the gumbo?
    Anyway: LLK / LLTHB !!


  2. Hun, even though you warned me you wouldn't be around on Sunday, I still missed your pithy assessment of the post. In fact, it was downright lonely. So thanks for checking in when you could.

    That whole last 3 or 4 years of the strip were mishandled in some way or another by pressmen, production staff, and various others. But at least under it all (with a few exceptions) Kelly's light still shone through.