Sunday, July 7, 2013

Smilin' with Our Lips an' Toes

We are back to Sunday strips for the next few weeks, culled from my collection, saved first-hand way back when we had something new from Kelly each and every Sunday. Wow, what a concept.

Our friend-in-Kelly, Hun, has written many an encouraging comment here at WoK. Those comments sometimes are hidden away where only other commenters see them, so that in essence Hun is preaching to the choir in his effort to kindle some action in WoK viewers. I thought it would only be fair to let Hun step out front and squint into the glaring spotlight as he addresses this audience in an open letter.

 February 6, 1972


In your invitation to contribute to a Kelly Centenary Birthday Special you single me out in a way that is more than embarrassing to me, a Friend-in-Kelly as lowly as can be. An unknowledgeable outsider might almost get the impression that I were trying (even half way succeeding) in influencing the direction your blog is taking. While I do accept responsibility for the idea of honoring Kelly with a commemorative stamp (as an aside: what you have created is an absolute beauty and in my mind would be more than worthy to be the official issue. I totally agree with Yves), you may remember that a year ago I warned that if no volunteer showed up soon, it would be you who would have to carry not only the responsibility but the total weight of the ball in any concerted effort to celebrate Kelly's hundredth. I still feel a bit guilty of not having volunteered myself; but in the matter of the stamp my excuse still stands: I'm not a valued customer of the US Mail Service – my last service by them relates to the last check I sent to my landlord pretty exactly four decades ago – and I have no direct wire to any Congers-person (Frog or Bullfrog) , who could be sicked on the Postmaster General to circumvent the red tape route for stamp creation (which seems complicated enough to get a person “going postal”).

As to your blog. I have no intention of becoming a gray eminence in the shadows; you run the blog!
I am quite content to be surprised by what you dish out regularly every Sunday (even if it is Peter Wheat). Tastes are different and being a Johnny-come-lately to Kelly I never acquired a special fondness for his kiddy stuff. And if it turns out to be a freshly ironed, color corrected Pogo Sunday page my joy is that much greater (Not meant to be a plea for longer spaces between Pogos to increase anticipation, right?).

Having said that, there is one aspect of  the blog I would take issue with, this being the list of “Followers”you used to sport in the upper right corner. Is this a sort of trophy gallery used by bloggers in a competition: “Show me yours and I'll show you mine”?

When I stumbled into 'Whirled of Kelly' (must have been 2 ½ years ago... it seems longer) I thought that being in this list conferred a special kind of honor and wondered how to 'make the list'.
Then after some time watching the goings-on I caught on to the fact that comment could be made without being on the list (which I started doing and which most of the 'followers' do not seem to do).
Seems to become a 'follower' you just have to declare yourself and then you sit back and munch your scrambled eggs and stack of pancakes (Sunday!) and watch the proceedings (exceptions excepted! Actually there are such...).

Thomas H. Buchanan, being the owner you know all about blogging. No need to read on now!

To whom it may concern, meaning practically all readers of this rant:
There is at the end of every blog entry by Thom a small expression “no comments” or “# comments”. The meaning of this is:”Here YOU can make a comment” Remember:
- It is free of charge (where do you get this these days?)
- It is easy (just set your pointer at this expression. If your browser setting allows 'blogger' you are in business)
- It is fast (nobody expects you to write an essay. If you feel like it: so much the better)
- It gives you the feeling of having accomplished something that day...
- It is the polite thing to do! (if you really do not know what to write, why not just THANK Thom?)

Aw, you say, the world must be coming to an end: Now here is a German lecturing us about politeness...Wonder what Fritz' agenda is?

Two answers: 

First: Yes, this part of the world has changed a bit for the better: We have started to followed others in this respect. Come over here and let yourselves be pleasantly surprised.

Second: Naturally I am no less egotistic than any fellow human bean. THB has been such a push-over in the past that he is amazing me every Sunday. I myself would have thrown in the towel long ago: “So much dedication and effort and practically no resonance from my 'friends'... What the heck”....
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! The world might be ending soon and rapture happening tomorrow. But if not: Aren't we all interested in keeping this blog going for as long as possible? Those of you actually reading what he has to say and not only looking at the colorful pics he offers, will have noted that Thom H.B. has some things up his voluminous sleeves. In our own interest we have to keep this man Buchanan in the mood. And that means: honestly expressing our appreciation for what he does (no exaggerating, no false adulation, just showing him that we care for what he does). At your next psychiatrist appointment ask the Doc about the importance of appreciation. 

Come on, pull them out and comment!

Thom, you may read on now!

If anyone feels unjustly attacked, please raise your finger and I will respond.
If anyone agrees: act!

I'm not hiding myself behind my alias and therefore sign off in genuine friendship as

Dieter Mueller  aka (Transatlantic) Hun

Dieter identifies with Porky, so this little gem is for him.


  1. Hello, Mr. Buchanan!

    You wrote:

    "We are back to Sunday strips for the next few weeks."

    At some point, will you have the opportunity to share the files I sent to you, early this year? I'd love for people to see them.

  2. Hi Mark! I am so sorry I haven't been in contact with you regarding plans. But I can tell you that your files will be part of the 100th Birthday Special, as well as special quotes from you to be included in an essay on Kelly!

    Some of you other folks that have sent material will hopefully be pleasantly surprised to find it in the tribute issue.

  3. Albert has a point here (such a common convention in cartoons where your animal characters have clothes but rarely wear 'em).

  4. Thanks as always for your hard work, Thom. That bonus drawing of Porkypine looks especially beautiful!


  5. Christopher— especially when they wear only the top portion of clothing, like Pogo and Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and all the little ducks.

    Yay, thanks Craig. This is the kind of hard work that feels good. Glad you like the Porkypine art!