Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Under the Bamboozle Bush

Here's the news from Mark Evanier, who if anyone knows the reality of things, it should be him. In his words:

Coming Soon…For Real!

As readers of this blog are aware, my lovely friend Carolyn Kelly left us on April 9. She fought cancer until the end but there came a day when I knew she knew she wasn't going to survive. It was when she said to me, "If I don't make it, will you make sure the Pogoseries is completed, just the way we planned it?" I promised her it would be.
I also promised we would maintain the same high standards she had set for the project, which was the most important non-medical thing she ever tackled in her life. Understand please that by "important," I mean important to her. The series, which is reprinting her father's classic newspaper strip in full, may also be important to you but I didn't promise you it would be finished. I promised her. Either way, there will be no more delays.
Volume 4 will be out well before Christmas of this year. It will include a remembrance of her, a foreword by Neil Gaiman and some of the most brilliant cartooning ever done. Here's the cover…


  1. Somehow I still haven't bought any of these books, though I keep meaning to get around to it.

    The subtitle here ("Under the Bamboozle Bush") surprises me because I thought this occurred only in the S&S book Uncle Pogo So-So Stories, where it's the title of a song sung by Albert as Maxwelton the Donkey (whose "brays are bonny") in "The Traveling Musicians." Would this have been in a the syndicated strips, maybe like "The Stirring Story of Handle and Gristle" was? There's less of a frame story in this case: only a final page where it comes out that Pogo has been reading this story to R.C. Chile and some other tads. And that S&S book is copyright 1953; isn't the Fantagraphics series a bit further along in the strips by now?

    I guess I gotta do something about not having any of these books yet....

  2. They're worth having, Larry! I'm very happy with my set! The latest book available goes through 1953.

  3. I'm glad to know this is available. Now I need to know where it's available.
    Any ideas?

  4. Well, it WILL be available later this year, and definitely through Amazon (which you can pre-order), but also I'm sure at Barnes and Noble and maybe comic shops, especially if you pre-order.

  5. Awesome news! Just awesome!