Sunday, June 18, 2017

Snoor Snumma Coco Unna Wim Bimble

More stuff to compare and think about Gnomic ways.

December 14, 1952


  1. Any reason for not including the next book page?

    In the book, Widder Biddy is the first one to say "Boo hop!" but in the original strip Melonbone says it first.

    Strangely, the gnome who questions skinning Pogo is the same one who later warns that he's getting away. But the book (on a page not yet posted) edits out his warning. I dunno what's behind this.

    I also don't know what's meant by "a good 'cadian song." It might be short for Acadia or Arcadia, each of which has several possible meanngs. If the gnomes were recognizably French or Greek, that might be a clue. But if anything they sound, maybe, Irish? (Based mainly on "gorr-an-tee," which is maybe not much of a clue.)

    Now that I think of Irish I wonder did Kelly intend them as leprechauns. Does he say anywhere what they are?

    1. Larry, I scanned these late last night and fell asleep (in my office chair), so I guess I thought this was enough to start a dialogue, which it did with you!

      Personally, I think these fellers be Cajun gnomes, which I think works with a snorty voice saying 'gorr-an-tee', just moving on through the swamp heading for Wee-zee-anna. Just my theory. Never saw any reference from Kelly on this episode, though I wish I'd asked him about it when I talked with him (We talked about fairy tales).

      I'll scan the other page tonight and post it.

      Thanks, Larry, for delving into all this, this is the kind of dialogue I really appreciate for what I'm doing here!

  2. and a very fine BOO HOP HOOP AROONA BOODLE WUMS ? with lumps to you, too

    an arc unfit for Kiddy consumption, this; what with cannibalism and skinning to be perfomed on Pogo!


    1. Hun, I appreciate any old boodle wums you wish to say around here. And hey, kiddies love this kind of threat mongering...fairy tales and video games are full of skeery posturing!

  3. Just grinning and chortling on a Monday morning. Not understanding much, but that's usual.
    Thank you!

    1. Kevin, I'm just grateful you got some grinning and chortling going on. The world needs more of that, and if stuff that's 65 years old can do that . . . well, Long Live Kelly!