Sunday, June 4, 2017


Well now we've reached a point in Pogo continuity that was a HIGH point of my childhood, having seen some of this reprinted in Pogo's Sunday Punch in black & white and edited somewhat, cutting panels, adding panels, changing formats of panels. 

For me, it was WHAM! I was de-LIGHTED to see this fantasy element of human bean gnomes suddenly appear in the swamp. But now all these years later I see this great panel below and realize that it was not in the Simon & Schuster book! And the lovely tree in the first panel of this week's strip was truncated, and now we see the almost watercolor effect as well.

What a cool little episode this was, an early forewarner of Prehysterical Pogo in the mid 1960s. I've included a couple of pages from the S&S book to show comparisons of panel edits.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

November 30, 1952


  1. Very nice to see this in color, and with that unexpected last panel. (Though I also like the book-only panel with "foreign planet," one of my favorite Kelly phrases.)

    Is this the only appearance of Herm and Myrtle, the rare an' unusual birds?

  2. The only one I've seen so far . . .

  3. Haven't been able to find ANYONE who has ever heard the name "Grundoon" all my life, even tho' mom used to call one of my sisters by that name and we knew it was from the comic because she had several of the Pogo BOOKS. Wikipedia has nothing. I was born in 1955 an was brought up with Pogo and Lil' Abner. Thank you for keeping the memory alive: Walt was a wonderful commentator of the politics of his time. I became interested in civic matters because of his comic strip. I wish someone would revive Pogo... heck, leave the strips "as is" - they are totally relevant to NOW. Aloha from Hawaii

    1. Glad you visit the Whirled of Kelly. Grundoon is a fine nickname for young'uns!